Reading Space;
On Gender 
Why Workshop
Our City

Man Made

We invited the public to come and help us design and stamp out our new feminist utopian city. 

Interactive Family Event 

Sharing Knowledge

I started up a set of meetings with other Art and Design students to discuss all topics around gender and the books that we read to inform our study. 

Life Long Learning

The Why Workshops came about through a perceived need for intergenerational conversations about the issues that effect us all. These workshops were designed to shrink the gap in knowledge between generational groups.

In Responce to Sisters Uncut

A celebration of the importance of public space for women and housing as a right for all.

Video Art

A series of moving image pieces and newspaper that mostly laugh at our hypo-masculine cities. A comment on aggressive architecture.

Making and Playing

Extending on to my work around tuition fees. Playing with real life situations and turning it all into one big game.

I am a socially engaged designer interested in working with groups to facilitate education and expression. My practice has been focused on design work on behalf of community groups. I see my strengths as working both collectively and collaboratively; as shown by my success working in this way with colleagues and organisations. 


Please drop me a message if you would be interested in working together. 





Tel: 07508276070

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April Oliver

Graphic Designer